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Discover what parents have to say about our center, programs, and faculty.

5 Responses to Testimonials

  1. Michelle & Trey

    Mrs. Mallorie,

    Your vision, I’m sure has been a blessing to many. However, I can only speak for myself and my family. Not only have your centers allowed me to have a peace of mind and grace but the stability to developas a parent (as we never stop 🙂 and as a woman in the world but not “of” it. Your centers have also kept Trey safe, active, developing and nurtured! With lots of great thanks and love for what you all represent (growth, empowerment, love, care, concern and of course fun)…enjoy lunch on me (us) 🙂

  2. Ashlee Carter

    Inheritance is a wonderful establishment!!! You know your child is safe when they are there. They also keep your child extremely busy with all types of outings and activities. They have amazing teachers who make sure your child learns something new everyday! You will definitely get your money’s worth sending your child to Inheritance Child Care Center!!!!!

  3. Danielle Ames

    My kids love it & so do I. Its a safe,fun loving environment for kids. I wish my boys could stay here forever. They’re our family.

  4. Kiana James

    I love inheritance child care center.. In the mornings, My daughter couldn’t wait to get there to see all her friends.. The staff is wonderful and really interact with the children.

  5. Lisa Taylor

    Inheritance child care center is a wonderful establishment! The staff is friendly & knowledgeable. The center is clean & the children are provided with so many developmental advantages that the alumni move on to grade school with a love for reading and the skills to succeed.

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