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Providing your little ones with a place to grow.
baby staring at her mother

At Inheritance Academy & Child Development Center, you can rest assured your infants and toddlers—little lambs—are held, loved, and encouraged to safely explore their own little worlds. While under our care, your children will receive plenty of warm cuddles and stimulating activities throughout the day. We don’t let children use any type of equipment (e.g., high chairs, bouncy seats, etc.) that will make them restrained for more than 20 minutes during a three-hour period.

We check and change each child often throughout the day (every 2 hours). If your little ones are potty trained, then we allow them to use the toilet. We start to familiarize the children with the restroom at the age of 16 months in our goal to achieve potty training by age two. We collaborate with each parent to develop a schedule for bottles and feedings. All utensils are cleaned and sanitized throughout the day.

We aim to work with each child’s schedule while establishing a safe and nurturing environment.

Infants engage in creative educational play using big blocks and stacking, music, dance, and exploration using sensory objects. We sing songs, read books and stories, and tell nursery rhymes. Children also engage in games such as tunnel climbing, tummy time, small parachute play, floor play, and gentle aerobics of rolling and stretching on the mats.

In addition, children also partake in the following:

  • Art Projects – With the introduction of art, children develop their fine motor skills through finger painting, crayons, sponge painting, and exploring different textures using tissue paper, felt, etc.
  • Group Time – With our older infants, we sing songs, create finger plays, and discover different shapes and the rainbow of colors while singing songs that relate to the various colors we are seeing.
  • Outside Playtime – When the weather permits, the children do activities such as hopping and low climbing, sand and water table play, creative drawing with chalk, outside exploration and discovery, and ball play.

We accept vouchers. Our center offers small classroom settings and individualized attention. Inheritance has a screen time policy for TV and other electronic media. Children under the age of 2 have no screen time while children 2 years and older watch less than 30 minutes per week and less than 2 hours per day total.

If you have questions regarding our Infant/Toddler program, please contact us.